Environmental well-being

"Love for beauty is not a fault", a tribute to Pasolini and the environment

Laura Lucibello

Laura Lucibello


"Love for beauty is not a fault", a tribute to Pasolini and the environment.

Our planet needs a different behavioral ethics and a constant respect for the environment, of which humanity is the first responsible user, both of the horrors and of the beauty to be given to our land as an inheritance, from it, more than deserved.
The exhibition, which pursues the theme "Art at the borders of Bioethics", already launched for the Biennale di Viterbo Arte Contemporanea 2022, is a continuum, to then move us to Ecomondo, Rimini Fiere, from 8 to 11 November 2022.

In collaboration with Irene De Sanctis and Victor Albano
They participate
    • Marco Bazzotti
    • Brigdorius
    • Leonardo Ciotti
    • Daniele Culicelli
    • Ilaria De Sanctis
    • Eirene
    • Luca Falessi
    • Virginia Lorenzetti
    • Walter Maiorino
    • Tonino Pepe
    • Francesca Romana Spuri
    • Anita Roscini
    • Gianmarco Savioli
    • Andreaelisa Sausa
    • Valerio Tirapani
    • Michele Vasca
    • Tauro Venturini
    • Valerio Volpato


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