Experiencing space through a photographic research between perception and realit

Does the space between us and reality, and the world, truly exist?

It is not our skin: our skin makes us feel, it connects us to the world, it allows us to vibrate with it, to feel its warmth or the lack thereof, it acts as a bridge to our emotional states.

It is not our emotions either, which are only the expression of a personal – and often even dull – interpretation of the world.

A glass plate, a sensory cover. Individuality and organicity.

Two inseparable parts, which define our being and the world at the same time – in other words, the existence of all things.

Hence, the space is not something that separates us from reality. It rather allows us to look at it, to catch it – and our perception of the world occurs thanks to its – apparently incongruous – lack of definition.