Art and Health

Exhibition of visual arts and master lessons

Collective exhibition of visual arts and master classes from 26 to 28 October 
Inauguration 26 October, 5:00 pm Centro Congressi Fondazione S. Lucia IRCCS,
via Ardeatina354 Rome Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 5:00 pm
to 7:00 pm.

The collective exhibition of visual arts will include works enhancing, with personalized techniques and themes, the pursuit of beauty in the image, form, color, light and movement, with positive emotional effects on those who enjoy the work itself.

Connected to the exhibition, an artistic laboratory will be set up at the school "IC Giuseppe Montezemolo", in which, under the guidance of art masters and teachers of the school, students will be able to express themselves with extemporaneous works, which will be published to open a comparison with the artists present at the event.

Presentation of the event
Dr. Edoardo Alesse, general manager of the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation Grazia Labate and arch. Amelia Mutti, curators of the event

Don Alfio Tirrò, parish priest of the church of San Vigilio

The Rome Art week event
Dr. Massimiliano Padovan Di Benedetto, creator and organizer of the event
Dr. Maja Vetri, Councilor for Culture VIII Municipality

The floor to the promoting cultural associations
Arch. Rossella Sinisi, president of the "7 + 1 OttavoColle" Association
Dr. Valeria Annecchino, president of the "Il Salotto di Diotìma" Association

The works on display and the artists
Prof. arch. Ruggero Lenci and arch. Amelia Mutti, curators of the Catalog

The results of the artistic laboratory
Artist Patrizia Langher, artist Magda Quesada Ordeig, arch. Stefano Tagliati, 
masters of art, Prof. Scotto Di Carlo, manager of IC G. Montezemolo and
professor Valentina Schiavi, professor of IC G. Montezemolo Artists Gea Albanese, Francesco Astiaso Garcia, Baffonino, Anna Maria Bagnato, Giovanna
Cataldo, Gabriella Cannata, Marina Cerbo, Maria Cipriano, Massimo D'Angelo,
Anna De Angelis, Patrizia De Giovanni,, Adele Ercolano, Marta Fabbri,
Tiziana Ferrante, Patrizia Langher , Ruggero Lenci, Alessandra Meschini,
Blanca Moreno de Barreda, Caterina Mulieri, Amelia Mutti, Magda Quesada Ordeig
Viviana Pallotta, Mario Sandro Panico, Alessandra Pediconi, Franco Purini,
Anna and Vale's re-cycle, Lucia Russo, Stefano Tagliati, Carmen Tubio,
Aurea Vattuone