So far so close ultrablu

A group exhibition and a catalogue of the ultrablu authors

So far so close ultrablu. An ultrablu project curated by Arianna Desideri. On view: Elena Santori, Senza titolo, 2022. Acrylic on paper, 100x70 cm.

So far so close ultrablu. An ultrablu project curated by Arianna Desideri. On view: Elena Santori, Senza titolo, 2022. Acrylic on paper, 100x70 cm.

So far so close ultrablu
An ultrablu project
Curated by Arianna Desideri


What happens when we get closer?

Lontano Vicinissimo ultrablu is the inauguration project to celebrate the opening of the new ultrablu venue and art gallery in the ‘rione Borgo’ district, in Rome. A catalog and a collective exhibition display the research of the neurodivergent authors that experiment and work in the atelier.

Ultrablu – the ultrablu association promotes artistic and cultural activities generated by (neuro)diversities. Founded in 2017, it’s a space based on research and experimentation for neurodivergent artists that operate in the field of visual, performing and digital arts.
The nucleus of the project resides in the atelier, a studio that is being shared by over twenty creators that range from fifteen to thirty years of age, to which collateral initiatives are added in order to incentivize the auto-determination of neurodivergent people. In fact, ultrablu is also a gallery, an independent publishing house, a library, a café, an exhibition space and for events, taking the role of a multifunctional and multidisciplinary space that endorses and sustains contemporary art.

The exhibition – Lontano vicinissimo ultrablu is a collective exhibition that has been set up in the association’s space. This choice underlines the turmoil and the relational density that take place in the location on a daily basis, made of stories, bodies, and projects. The works produced by these authors allow the neurodivergent part to declare and express itself and its peculiar forms in a collective dialogue where we can tie back individual imaginary paths, along with affinity and discontinuity with Art brut and Outsider Art. The three locations explore both small-scale works and larger productions like big paintings, all the way to experimentation with video and digital works.
The exhibition is an opportunity - quite rather in the context of the roman scene - to get in touch with the world of the autistic spectrum and many other dimensions strictly connected to neurodivergence from an exclusively creative point of view, not linked to therapeutic art or medical/assistance contexts, recognizing the full independence that these authors hold as a belief held in the ultrablu philosophy.

The title immediately connects to a blurry, out of focus positioning and an instantaneous shot that burns distance: the intention is that of bringing vicinissimo (“very close”) those visions that seem to belong to lontano (“far”), scopes and dimensions, learning how to unlearn and deconstruct our relationship with “otherness”.
Lontano Vicinissimo is an open-ended invite, a perspective, a wish, a threshold that must be crossed in order to (de)construct worlds and to rethink communities where diversity is an asset to reciprocal learning, a social resource.

Catalog and collateral activitiesLontano Vicinissimo ultrablu is also a catalog, edited by ultrablu and graphically designed by Sofia Pierro. It’s a mixed verbal and visual narration between the various works displayed and much more, with textual contributions by Arianna Desideri and Virgilio Mollicone, the founder of the association. 

In the time period surrounding the exhibition, open-studio days will be in order, as well as talks with external guests, book presentations and events, to help an audience of professionals and curious individuals better understand the association’s activities, opening up towards new collaborations with the publishing and contemporary art scene.

Me, you, us, in an ultra-blu dimension.


So far so close ultrablu
An ultrablu project
Curated by Arianna Desideri

October 22nd 2022 – January 22nd 2023
Piazza Americo Capponi
00193, Roma

Visiting hours:
monday – friday: 11AM – 8 PM
saturday – sunday: 3 PM - 8 PM

Free Entry
No reservation necessary

Scheduled Events*

22 October 2022, from 5 p.m.
Opening of the exhibition.
Presentation of atelier activities and catalogue.

24-29 October 2022
ultrablu participates in Rome Art Week.
Guided tours in opening hours.

*continually updated.
News about upcoming events will be communicated via newsletter and social channels.

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