Art in the Metaverse

Meeting on recent artistic avant-garde in the Metaverse with Vincenzo Bordoni

La Galleria

La Galleria "Barattolo" nel metaverso Martix

On Friday, 28 October, Vincenzo Bordoni, creator of the MARTIX metaverse and owner of the Art Gallery "Barattolo", will take a lecture on the Metaverse, the reasons why it is deemed a truly avant-garde in contemporary art and the role of the NFTs. All these questions and more will be answered during the event that will take place at the Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli in parallel to Tommy's exhibition. An in-depth travel to explore the pecularities of a Metaverse ever more entwined with the artworld, as well as the implications this new formula will have on the creativity market. 

We kindly remind you that Tommy's exhibition Thoughts like dancing puppets can be visited also in the Art Gallery "Barattolo", in the MARTIX metaverse. 

Vincenzo Bordoni is an art critic, curator, NFT market expert, creator of the MARTIX metaverse and director of the Art Gallery "Barattolo". As an Art-addicted vlogger and owner of an NFT collection, he collaborated with Exibart and ArteInvestimenti. Moreover, he has been working as a theatre perfomer for five years. 


ART IN THE METAVERSE, with Vincenzo Bordoni

Friday, 28 October, from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Free admission