Art and Health

Collective exhibition of visual arts and master lessons

Art and. . . . . 

Presentation of the day's contents

Arch. Amelia Mutti, expert in sanitary architecture and artist

Art and brain: a happy marriage
Prof. Carlo Caltagirone, scientific director at the Santa Lucia IRCCS

Art and soul

Artist Francesco Astiaso Garcia, national secretary of the Catholic Union of Italian Artists

Art and Space

Prof. Arch. Ruggero Lenci, at the Faculty of Engineering, “La Sapienza” University of Rome and Artist

Art and Humanization: the pediatric ward

Arch. Emanuela Valle, designer of Valle 3, Rome


Prof. Arch. Franco Purini, Italian essayist and university professor and Artist

Greetings from the Management of the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation
Maria Adriana Amadio, president of the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation

Thanks from the curators and finishers of the exhibition