Art and Health

Our health after Covid 19

 Opening of the works

Institutional greetings

Dr. Edoardo Alesse, general manager of the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation.
Dr. Daniele Leodori, vice president of the Lazio Region
Prof. Miguel Gotor, councilor for culture of Rome Capital
Dr. Amedeo Ciaccheri, president of the VIII Municipality

Presentation of the day's contents
Hon. Prof. Grazia Labate, senior researcher in health economics York. U.K.

Our health after COVID 19, what future awaits us?
Prof. Ilaria Capua, director of One Health Center of Excellence, University of
Florida The future of the elderly population Hon. Livia Turco, president of the San Michele ASP Is the local medicine ready? Dr. Mariella Masselli, health director of the N ° 8 district of the Rome 2 ALS The experience of treating patients with COVID 19 in the accredited department of the Annunziatella
Dr. Massimiliano Brugnolo, resuscitator anesthetist of the accredited
Annunziatella clinic Art and Artificial Intelligence: Effects on Healthcare Facilities Dr. Massimo D'Angelo, economic statistician, president of Neurospritz and
Artist The therapeutic power of Art: the experience of the Santa Lucia IRCCS
Prof. Marco Iosa, professor at Sapienza University, director and researcher
at the Santa Lucia IRCCS Foundation Conclusions Alessio D'Amato, regional councilor for health