CACAOSIMO. Expo Ludica of Marina Rivera

The workshop will start from Alina's exhibition, guided by the character and her images, we will embark on a journey that will lead us to learn about and experience the languages ​​and techniques of contemporary art.
Crossing the works on display, Alina takes us inside the CACAOSIMO movement.
Using cocoa, a natural element, as a base for the works, the main color will be brown. Paraphrasing The International Klein Blue we will find and realize our perfect expression of brown, with the children we will realize the history and the paintings of this new artistic movement.

The character of Alina and the project of the series "The Adventures of Alina"
they are an idea of ​​Marina Rivera. He has published three books with Cni music
“Nasco”, “La Macchia” and “Musica è” ​​as well as a CD entitled "Campus" container
of various children's songs and an illustrated booklet. All publications
they contain songs, some of which were made by Luis E. Bacalov
with texts by Janna Carioli.

MARINA RIVERA Italian-Argentine artist, graphic illustrator, author of books
for children. His creations contain a concentration of colors, energy
and high artistic-cultural importance. He trained in graphic design and industrial design
to the ULP in Argentina. His professional career begins in Buenos Aires
Aires, collaborating on various artistic and editorial projects, graphics and communication studios,
teaches graphic design at U.N.L.P and U.B.A. He moves
in Italy in 1992 to undertake a career as a freelancer,
where it collaborates with important institutional realities, such as the Region
Abruzzo, Museum of Chieti, Libraries of Rome, Cultural Service Centers,
Municipality of Aquila, Teramo, Pescara, Chieti, Sulmona, Gran Sasso Park e
Monti della Laga, Legambiente, Amnesty International, Arci, The new ecology,
Photographic workshops. Gangemi publisher, Perrone publisher., Museum of
Zoology, Sinnos Coop. Editorial, Cni music, Oltre S.C.S., Smart Foundation
Polo for art.