De Monstris – I mostri liberati

Antonella Cuzzocrea

The folds of the soul

There are places where monsters have always lived. Those places are the abysses of the sea, the forests at night, the rooms in the dark where, as kids, we used to imagine terrifying shadows, and we called our mums to save us. The monsters have always lived in the folds of the soul and they call constantly call you, like mermaids. Because the soul is not smooth but made of folds. Something essential and recognizable nestles in those folds, the kaleidoscope of states of being which characterizes us as human species. 

De Monstris – I mostri liberati is a journey through the folds of the soul of the artist, who gets her own monsters and brings them to the surface, finally free, maybe, but definitively feeling less lonely. 



The exhibitions consists of 12 ink drawing and framed art boards (11 - 70x100 cm plus 1 - 70x200 cm). There are different kind of monsters portrayed: some vaguely resemble known animals - bulls,  birds, prehistoric fish - others are entirely invented. But looking at them more closely, they all have something human in them. 

The artworks exhibited were realized in three different periods: 2017, 2019, and 2022.