Valentina De Martini with Lucia Heffernan's Open Studio

For this edition of RAW 2022, the Roman artist Valentina De Martini will host in her studio the artworks of Lucia Heffernan a talented Taiwanese painter, resident in the US. Her paintings come from his personal exhibition in the Museum of San Salvatore in Lauro opened on September 15th which will end a few days before the starting of RAW.

Animals are the protagonists of their work. The two artists interpreted them differently but with the use of the same technique, oil on canvas.
If the Roman artist reproduces images that are very realistic in form but fantastic in colors, Heffernan paints animals that are living "human" situations and that find themselves facing new experiences (for example the little chick who practices Yoga or the dog whizzing on a Vespa).

Another difference between the two artists is the format of the canvases, huge in the case of De Martini and very small for the Taiwanese artist.

For all these reasons, we consider the dialogue between the two artists to be very interesting. Marco di Capua has curated their solo exhibitions in Rome for them. He will be present on 24 October at the opening of the open studio.