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Shout - Ceci n’est pas une piramide- Acrylic on canvas - 2019

Shout - Ceci n’est pas une piramide- Acrylic on canvas - 2019

Born in Rome, 29 years ago, Shout! - olso graphic illustrator, set designer and tatoo artist - has a mix of pop and street art, even though there still is, in some of the subjects of his  works, a deep classic influence. 
As a matter of fact this is visible in some of the artworks on canvas  depicting renowned monuments of the ancient Rome  or even less famous buildings that the artist has almost entirely covered up by his TAG  written on different shapes, sizes and colors.An overlap of two different medias, writing and architecture, by which the artist brings attention back to relevant events and places of Rome history even for those observers who tend not to be interested, for either age or environment reasons, to those sites and facts. 
In this type of works, like the one reproducing the enigmatic " Piramide Cestia”, it even enhances the importance given by the artist to the drawing.  SHOUT’s precise and defined contour lines provide his canvas a clear and peculiar style that doesn't seem to be weighed down neither by the multitude of colors. The artist blends and approaches them with great consciousness and mastery managing to create on the paint an outstanding chromatic balance



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