Art looks at the new reality with new approaches and new visions.



Curated by Greta Alberta Tirloni

Art looks to the new reality, with new approaches, new visions.

Reading, representation, abstraction, symbols and their dissolution bring the real into the autonomy of the works.

The group exhibition presents artists from the Roman scene, who symbolically operate on central themes of the contemporary.

Firmness and movement, the material and the immaterial spiritual, memory the present and the future. Material objects, concepts, identities and illusions of the mask, appearing and not appearing, the here and now and the beyond, techniques and ecology, meditations to abstraction, minimalism and Zen emptiness.

Themes that overlap and contaminate each other in reality, soliciting reflections in the interpretation that artists make of that reality.

The artists exhibiting at the exhibition are:

Stefano Bolcato, the universal neo-pop reinterpretation of past and recent art history;

Alberto Di Fabio, the painting of abstraction and meditation, of the interior and of the cosmos;

Vincenzo Scolamiero, the symbolic and poetic transformation of matter and nature;

Roberta Morzetti, the sculpture of figures, from inner void to material reality.