Carlo D'Orta's Open Studio

CARLO D’ORTA, ALBANO PAOLINELLI AND DANILO SUSI - PARALLEL ABSTRACTISMS. Visions of Informal Abstraction. Carlo D’Orta, Albano Paolinelli and Danilo Susi have been friends for the past 15 years. Their joint project << Parallel Abstractionisms >> was born in 2009 and then translated into many exhibitions in Museums, Galleries and Art Fairs, including the Aurum Municipal Gallery in Pescara in 2010, the Spazio Oberdan in Milan in 2011 and the Bologna Fair in 2015. The heart of this project is the search for Informal Abstraction in reality and in our soul. D'Orta and Susi investigate with the camera the real reflections produced by the windows of the skyscrapers (D'Orta) or by the lake and sea waters (Susi), and thus freeze with the lens extremely volatile poetic and artistic images, which disappear as soon as you take a step. Paolinelli, on the other hand, transposes onto canvas, with a brush, images of informal abstraction that he seeks in internal emotions or produced by external reality. Even D’Orta sometimes transposes onto canvas, with a brush, abstract images inspired by his own photographs. The exhibition can be visited throughout the month of October 2022 at the CarloDOrtaArtStudio / Gallery in Rome, in Piazza Crati 14 (Trieste district, semi-center).