I created the Ocean

photographic exhibition of elsa lamartina

An image from the exhibition

An image from the exhibition "I created the ocean" by the Milanese visual artist Elsa Lamartina.




exhibition of elsa lamartina 

curated by Loredana De Pace

The result of a long work of shots and elaboration of concepts related to water - the leitmotif of the entire artistic career of elsa lamartina - this project aims to tell the beauty and fears that live in the depths of the oceans, as well as within each of us.

The author tells about her project: "The ocean speaks of the abyss, of the fear of being captured by the dark, by monsters. The ocean guards the great unconscious: who has never thought, swimming in deep water, "now comes one shark or some sea monster and takes me away." Who, peering at the seabed with the mask, does not feel that sensation of the unknown in the belly - terrifying but also magnetic unknown - which represents the power of the unlimited, which confronts us to primitive fears that are rekindled.

Sometimes I think that there is a line, the notorious horizon, that divides two worlds, the one on Earth and the one that lives in the Ocean, with its phantasmagoric creatures - giant and tiny - that we do not believe possible to exist because they are far from even the canons of our imagination.

And then the ocean contains - with great feeling - water, a vital element that accompanies us throughout our life.

The deepest point of the ocean is called the Mariana Trench: strange creatures live here, fascinating and frightening, absurd to see or even to imagine. Very similar to those that were "born" in my Ocean.

It has been verified that the maximum depth of the ocean is 11,022m, but for me it remains infinite."



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