Roberto Di Costanzo's Open Studio

Master Roberto Di Costanzo inaugurates his new art studio in the heart of Rome, Via dell'Orso, inside of Palazzo Antonio Massimo, whose construction was commissioned in the sixteenth century by the prince of the family of Massimo, and became in the eighteenth century the venue of Carafa prefecture.

Di Costanzo, portraitist, illustrator, painter, academy teacher and student of Oscar winner Piero Tosi, chooses a prestigious location to welcome his admirers, collectors, students and art lovers and to show them his graphic sign.

During these three meetings with his audience, Di Costanzo will dedicate an artwork to the historic Via dell'Orso, which hosted from 1400 some big personalities like Dante, Gogol, Goethe and others.

Why Not Italy wines will be the sponsor for the event.