Exhibition of the works of the artist Mattia Morelli

Floating matter, from the “Landscapes” series, lenticular print, 70 x 100 cm., 2021

Floating matter, from the “Landscapes” series, lenticular print, 70 x 100 cm., 2021

IWR Jaguar Land Rover in Rome continues to host some of the most cutting-edge cultural events in the capital. At the end of October, the underground environment of the headquarters in via Leonida Bissolati 70 will be present at Rome Art Week with the TRAKS exhibition by the artist Mattia Morelli, in a bold combination of the world of automotive and that of contemporary art.

Morelli, after having exhibited in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris, returns to Rome with a site-specific installation for the dealership, born from the projects "Landscapes" and "Places" in which blades of prickly pear sepia lend themselves to becoming other than what they are: from impervious lunar craters to indefinite surfaces of distant planets. The title TRACKS (track, footprint, path, path, orbit, passage) wants to leave open all possible translations to what binds the human being to his hypothetical habitat, also paying homage to the distinctive and stealthy character of the jaguar but also to solidity of the Rover world.

Strongly desired by Valentina De Paolis of IWR Automotive, the combination of cars and art is proposed as a concrete response to the crisis that the automotive manufacturing sector is experiencing. “In the face of difficulties, we decided to respond, showing our presence to our customers - explains De Paolis -. Instead of stopping, we choose to expand the offer we offer to Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts. Our dealership must continue to be a point of reference, know how to adapt to difficulties and make the beauty and style available to the city that have always been the strong point of our car manufacturers ".