The illustrated shot. Drawings by Saleh Kazemi.

Istanti documentati a linee sottili.

Saleh Kazemi

Saleh Kazemi

Saleh Kazemi was born in Tehran in 1992, where he lived until the age of 18.
Even though he always showed artistic interests, he initially chose to undertake scientific studies. After high school he moved to Italy to study Graphics and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Documentary photography was his first professional activity, he participated in numerous exhibitions and won numerous awards with his shots.
Always looking for a more personal language and wanting to distance himself from technological means, he decides to give up photography and devote himself to drawing.
His life is a continuous journey as he draws people, places and what he sees happening around him. His artworks are portraits of everyday life as a series of moments of waiting. He draws people on trains, in stations, in cafes. He builds condensed spaces, full of details and observed from different points of view. An artist who was able to bring to Rome a particular sensitivity illustrated with an extraordinary technique.


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