Performance by artist Marcela Szurkalo

Marcela Szurkalo, a multifaceted artist, uses and crosses various languages, from dance to singing and the figurative arts. Szurkalo wants to offer us a work that starts from her personal history, and with it the various researches carried out in her artistic career. She places herself in what Victor Turner called Liminal Space, focusing on the moment in which the subject has to recompose the pieces of a lost everyday life, with the need to find a connection between art and life, through the construction of places of action.

Talking about places of action, the artist wants to start the performance by interacting directly with his interlocutors, immediately creating a shock, since they are the starting point, the engine of the action.

This experiment by the artist is also intended as a social denunciation, hence the name plastically. Surkalo wants to reflect and make us think about the consumption of plastic. It is one of the most common materials, being durable, relatively cheap to produce and sufficiently versatile, but at the same time a real and serious environmental problem.