Art in a Material World

The irreverent art of Restelliartco Gallery for Rome Art Week 2021

Art in a Material World - Banksy

Art in a Material World - Banksy "Pulp Fiction"

"Art in a Material World" will be inaugurated on October 25th from 17 pm to November 30th,

the exhibition presented by Galleria Restelliartco in Rome for the "Rome Art Week" 2021,

the most important roman exhibition dedicated to contemporary art.


An irreverent and original narrative path created by the Gallerists Raffaella Rossi and Filippo Restelli, it begins on the ground floor where it is impossible not to admire the "Pulp Fiction" by Banksy located in the shop’s window, homage to the film of the same name directed by Quentin Tarantino. In the artwork of the world’s most famous street artist, the protagonists Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta hold bananas instead of guns. At its feet, the sculpture of the artist S.Coz, "Urban Bull"; the bulldog has its paw up, as if it irreverently wants to “pee” on Banksy’s artwork, staging an imaginary dialogue on what is or wants to be street art, opposition to the mainstream, political commitment or militancy fought with irony.


It continues with "Best Friends Forever" by Skiri, the artist plays with the icons of the film by Tarantino overturning its character and transforming Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta in two modern guardian angels who stand to defend the iconic cartoon Tweety, who abandons the role of the frail and sweet canary to become a ruthless criminal, portrayed with lots of guns.


On the walls of the ground floor the “Mickey” by Marco Bettini; for the artist, the famous Disney character represents the pop symbol: cheerful, playful, carefree. Leaning on a background of dollars, his Mickey Mouse seems to be waiting to jump out of the canvas to tell this movement in its essence.


The exhibition continues with Fabio Ferrone Viola and his "Cocaine USA Flag"; the flag is entirely made of pressed Coca Cola cans and inserted into the texture of the fabric. The artwork comes from the research that the artist has always done on American symbols and their origins. The white stripes, are a clear reference to the amazing and disproportionate consumption that is made in particular in the United States.


The art of Biagio Castilletti shows the importance of recycling and respecting the "World", his installation of 2400 fragments of cans mounted on a PVC panel, conquers and fascinates the viewer. The cans were treated with different acrylic colors to highlight the different geographies and climatic areas, green for the Amazon forests, in shades of red for the Equator and in cold shades of blue for the Poles.


The veiled face of an Afghan woman has the “Statua della Libertà - 2021", a canvas by the refined artist Irem Incedayi. The artwork is a clear denunciation of slavery, many women are still condemned today in different parts of the world, and the torch she holds in her hand symbolizes the eternal fire of freedom, which no one, man or woman, should be forced to give up.


Original and already iconic "Kilo Armato" mini tanks inspired by the famous "Risiko", designed by Gianluca D'Amico and Mariachiara Gualini. The tanks were made of completely non-toxic NBR rubber, colored and treated with vanilla. Exclusively for Restelliartco a special edition of ten unique pieces entirely customized.


Upstairs the artwork "Tank you" by the artist Stasi, he takes inspiration from the events of Tiananmen Square in 1989 to emphasize, in a world submissive to the audience and to the approval of socials, the strength of this protest that still arrives to us today without the need of "like" of an imaginary audience and the iconic and unconventional "De-posizioni Urbane" by street artist David Pompili, where the "Deposizione di Cristo dalla Croce" by Mattia Preti, is flanked by the representation of an urban guerrilla.


Additionally it is possible to admire "Better than New" irreverent artwork by the artist Marcello Maugeri, where elegant female legs in boots stand out against the background of the iconic logo of  "Gucci" challenging conventions, rules and rationality emphasizing a time where everything is temporary and the two mixed techniques in polyurethane and enamel "Silenzio" and "Massimo Silenzio" by Cristiana Pedersoli, dreamlike bubbles on canvas, invite you to reflect on a world that in the last year and a half has appeared "suspended"; the artist at the same time reiterates the need for a detachment from reality to find ourselves, an underwater immersion in which every noise is muffled.


The exhibition will end with the Historical Masters of the Gallery with the suite of eight screenprints in limited edition by Mario Schifano, the "Queen Elizabeth II" by Andy Warhol, "Bicycle Raider" by Alex Katz, "Cynthia in the Bedroom" by Tom Wesselmann and the Artist Book by Keith Haring, published in only 300 copies by Lucio Amelio in 1983, in addition to the design works of Gufram of which Restelliartco is the official dealer.




Rome Art Week, October 25 -30, 2021

vernissage October 25 from 5 pm

Galleria Restelliartco.

Via Vittoria Colonna, 9 Roma

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