Room Beats - The Electronic Salon

Art and Music in the Electronic Salon of a Trastevere apartment

/'Kontakt/ noun. The state of physical touching.
Contact, vibrations, energy. Breaking the barriers of physical distancing.
With caution, like creatures that see the light after months of darkness, we get back in contact.

The living room of an apartment. A DJ in the center of the room. Art.


On the occasion of Rome Art Week, for Together's Electronic Lounge, Martina Di Lorenzo presents the "Distributore di Poesia", an installation with high interaction with the public, consisting of a restored children's balls dispenser, inside which inserted capsules containing poems by more or less known authors

The writing "Distributore di Poesie", which runs on the three sides of the machine, wants to underline the three-dimensionality of the interaction in which the viewer is involved, involving the viewer in the perception of the space and time in which he is immersed, stimulating his curiosity and will to know.

For the occasion, the poetic selection of the Poetry Distributor will be designed in a site-specific key, and will give expression to the "Contact" spirit that gives the event its name.

At the same time, in the living room:
LUNG-TA Remixed // Massimo Burgio aka Burningmax

LUNG-TA is an installation created as a site-specific intervention for a collective exhibition at the T.A.G. - Tevere Art Gallery in Rome, in which Massimo Burgio (aka Burningmax) participated in October 2021. The original installation of Burningmax was a memorial project for the victims of the covid pandemic in the Roma Metropolitana area, visually inspired by Tibetan prayer flags.

But contemporary art always has different levels of interpretation, and reading the notes and reviews of the visitors to the exhibition, the element perceived by the public was instead that of reinterpreting the tragedy of the pandemic, now that we see the light at the end of tunnel, in a playful, defusing, even cheerful perspective. Several visitors missed the connection with the Tibetan flags and interpreted the installation as a "cheerful carnival of colors in the Brazilian way".

Burningmax, in addition to experimenting with the languages ​​of contemporary art, is also an electronic music DJ, and is linked to the Together Mansion community, one of the expressions of the Burning Man spirit in Rome, having also been one of the DJs participating in the cycle " Room Beats "promoted by Together Mansion, an initiative that now on the occasion of Art Week 2021 is revived with the inclusion of contemporary art interventions

In the corridors:

Jar Gallery. The exhibition curated by Vincenzo Bordoni.


In the center of the room:
- Angelo Paciotti
- Ankel
- RoyTson

Drinks from the lounge and delicious snacks

Room Beats is not a party. INFO>
The idea behind "Room Beats" is to offer opportunities for musical dialogue between producers, onlookers and all those who are fascinated by clubs, but who want to enjoy music in a different way.
N.B. The music set will be filmed.

Access from 7pm to 10pm.
Together is located in Viale Glorioso 14, in an apartment on the first floor. Buzz "TOGETHER", say "Art Week"