THE BODY. A Life of Images

Performance by artist Marcela Szurkalo

Marcela Szurkalo, a multifaceted artist, uses and crosses various languages, from dance to singing and the figurative arts. Szurkalo wants to offer us a work that starts from her personal history, and with it the various researches carried out in her artistic career. Positioning herself in what Victor Turner defined as Liminal Space, focusing on the moment when the subject has to reassemble the pieces of a lost everyday life, with the need to find a connection between art and Life, through the construction of places of action.
The most striking aspect is the spontaneity of the gesture, going along with his instinct and moving in a bubble free from the conventions that regulate our behaviour, in his actions emerges the need to recreate a horizontal contact with the spectator and to make him an active part of the action and the scene through a multi-sensoriality. The work comes out of the formal boundaries of the object, and coincides with the dialogue that the artist manages to initiate in the encounter with the other.

In this work Szurkalo goes on to analyse the new relationship established between the artist and the public, which becomes the "performative body" during the action of the performance. The artist starts from her own personal story, recounting a journey, the reaction in the face of difficulties and the creation of a new life. Of a bridge built between two distant lands: Argentina and Italy. Of the strength of reaction and the resilience of the human being.