Filamenti (Threads)

A sensory journey on the work around the world

Filamenti” wants to describe a journey on the work around the world as a representation of the dedication hidden behind tradition, fatigue and also behind the repetition of ordinary gestures as the result of the experience of a family, a community, of entire villages where time seems to have stopped.

Filamenti” is also a timeless and spaceless story, it’s a no-place where the arts and crafts evoke traditions and experiences though the eyes of the author. The selections of shots presented in “Filamenti” is the result of a search for authenticity that Francesca Termine has found in her many travels around the world made with her inseparable camera. The no-place exists between Guatemala, Burma, Mexico, Vietnam and Laos.

This project is a full experience that leaves imprints: each shot is sensory, a lens on the attention to details and craftsmanship, to the rhythm of the hands, to the fatigue of the arms, to the concentration of the gaze and on the slowness.

“For me photography is exchange. Especially during my travels, I feel quenched my thirst for photography – far away from my everyday life, from my habits. I like to immerse my self in the diversity of places and traditions losing myself in all these new sensations. This is where my shots become a journey through the journey”.
Francesca Termine

The exhibition will be accompanied by a sonorization.

Photography by
Francesca Termine
Edited by Silvia Zappalà
Projected by Francesca Termine and Alessandra Gasperini

Event with aperitif and interview
Friday 29 October from 18.30 to 22.30 there will be an event open to the public with live music, aperitif and the opportunity to meet the artist Francesca Termine. A


Starting at 19.30 I will be able to follow the interview with the photographer, the curator and the co-organizers of the event.