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Presentation of the collective and social experiment

"Mold: mould, earth, form, matrix, mould, cast. But also mould, shape, forge.
Mold is the action of experimenting, making experiences, shaping thought.

Mold was born from the meeting of Izzy RH - director and musician, FPC - set designer and visual artist, and Kaey - sculptor, illustrator, performer. With the aim of creating a multimedia language branching out into multiple paths.

Mold is the trunk of a tree and each of its members is a branch, from which ideas, actions, projects and works blossom.
Mold is not just a collective, Mold is a single organism.

On the occasion of the VI edition of the Rome Art Week, with the collaboration of the curator Marcella Magaletti, Mold will show its works in the frame of the event "KARMIKA" and will offer the possibility to the public to take part in the project of the evening.

The social experiment "C'era una (s)volta..." offers the public the opportunity to contribute individually to the drafting of a collective subject, which will then be produced by Mold in video form.

At the same time, FPC's pictorial works will be exhibited, as well as Kaey's exhibition "Parabellum".



Presentation of the book "Don't trust Little Red Riding Hood". Francesco Paolo Cipullo interviews the author Marco Muscarà.

Live music with
Mad Shakers,
Matteo Costanzo,

Exhibition of artisans and creatives including
Zuije - jewellery and bijoux,
Frad Ramma,
The Sando,
Emiliano Tanzillo.