REFUGE - Limited intaglio edition by Angelo Gallo

Presentation of the limited edition "Refuge" by A. Gallo

event poster

event poster

On the occasion of Rome Art Week 2021, Galleria 291 Est/Inc. is pleased to present the Refuge edition, a limited edition chalcographic work by Angelo Gallo.

After a few months of intense collaboration, Angelo Gallo's chalcographic series developed at Galleria 291 INC. will be expanded by a new limited edition work.

And so it is that the exhibition of Anatomie Forzate, which can be visited at the space of the Galleria 291 East, from 14 October to 12 November 2021, is enriched, in view of the Rome Art Week 2021, by etching work on a new matrix: this is how it was born Refuge.

For the occasion, the exhibition, conceived as a formal exhibition of stratifications of different techniques, will be integrated by an educational section, aimed to illustrate didactically, also through video contributions, the engraving and printing process used by the artist for the realization of the Forced Anatomy series. Materials, processes and graphic signs will be the themes proposed by Galleria 291 Inc., which for years has been intent on raising awareness of the use of no-toxic techniques. We will go into an in-depth study of the new engraving techniques, describing the applied manual skills and the experimentation of specific materials and technical tools.


Furthermore, on Saturday 30 October 2021, from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm, there will be a meeting with Angelo Gallo, who will guide the viewer in a direct confrontation with the new Refuge intaglio work, allowing the spectator to also attend a printing session of the "artist proofs ".


Please note that to access the facility it will be necessary to show your green pass.