VULNERABILE- Giulia Spernazza solo exhibition

VULNERABILE - Giulia Spernazza - Nodi/Snodi

VULNERABILE - Giulia Spernazza - Nodi/Snodi

Saturday 23 October the FABER art gallery will host the VULNERABILE exhibition by Giulia Spernazza.
The title intends to highlight the most sensitive part that is inside each of us, our "blind zone", a territory that is worth exploring and observing with extreme compassion.
Welcoming our imperfections by transforming weaknesses into strengths. Make yourself vulnerable. Overcoming fears accepting the risk of being injured in exposing oneself without armor.
Let emotions go through us and leak, show yourself for who you are, connect with others.
Starting from the difficult observation of the dark parts hidden within, we witness their progressive dissolution in attempt to intercept the purity that is in us, beyond form and impermanence.
In this sense, the exhibition opens with the Nodi / Snodi series, developed in the last year and inevitably influenced by complex situation that in part we are still experiencing. The knot as a symbol of what has not been solved and that in the
period of solitude that has elapsed emerged from the artist's sensitivity. Her first works appear for this very reason static, suspended in time and space, subject to the force of gravity in a dramatic way. Continuing we witness a slow untangling, every single work is at the same time a snapshot of an inner condition and the testimony of an ongoing process.
There is a tendency to a growing lightness, to an increasingly transparent material, almost imperceptible in order to transcend it.
This progressive process of ascent is perceptible in the change of the material that passes from fabric to paper and into corresponding chromatic change from dark gray to ocher.
In the final part of the exhibition the atmosphere takes on vivid, almost liquid shades, the works appear more essential, the space begins to expand; the paper emerges from the paraffin, transparencies, whites and delicate tones prevail.
VULNERABLE. Art as an expression of an introspective research that investigates the depths of the self, inviting the observer to get in touch with his own frailties and, with courage, manifest them.

The exhibition will be open in compliance with the health regulations in force.

edited by Cristian Porretta

from 23 October to 4 December 2021
Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-7pm Sunday by appointment

FABER art gallery
via dei Banchi Vecchi 31, 00186 Rome | tel 06 68808624 |