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Jacqueline Cope's Open Studio

The studio is positioned at the end of the condominium driveway on the ground floor. Works include paintings in acrylic and woodcuts. Landscape paintings in acrylic will be exhibited alongside painted sketches of the nude and painted portraits.  The style of the work is expressionistic/impressionistic, exploring the balance of interest between representation, the abstract and material qualities. 

The space allows entrance for up to four people who have a green card.  Online attendance via RAW LIVE

Bookings can be made for time slots between 1600h - 1830h, Free on the spot entry from 18.30h - 21.30h

To book please use the URL di prenotazione/URL booking link and leave a comment on the google document with your preferred time/date of visit or email and the google doc table will be updated with your booking.


Artists not present in this edition