Arte Borgo Gallery present at Museo Crocetti in Rome the Aequilibrium event



From 25 October Arte Borgo Gallery will present the exhibition entitled Aequilibrium at the Crocetti Museum in Rome. The exhibition offers the works of selected international artists who present works of different meanings but with a common reflection on the communicability of each one.

Aequilibrium addresses the profound renewal of contemporary art by placing the balance between two opposing visions: the abstract and the figurative. A balance through which a plot of dialogues is represented between the different expressive languages aimed at representing the different experiences of contextuality.

Stories through images in which artistic research takes place by observing everyday reality. Abstract interpretations driven by the inner need for new experiments in which each element expresses intense meanings.

The prestigious headquarters of the Crocetti Museum will be the setting for the complex works from 25 October to 4 November 2021.


Structures not present in this edition