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During the Rome Art Week, the week of contemporary art, Yago and Wibaa return to exhibit in Rome and they will present for the first time the project “Common Ground” in Largo Venue’s halls.

YAGO, the visionary painter, is an artist born in 1970 and died in 2003. Then reborn in 2020 on the web thanks to the commitment of some art lovers who first recovered his works and then published them on the web.

WIBAA, is a self-taught artist. He approaches the canvas without prejudice with the aim not to create images, but to solve problems, crystallize shapes and colors and looking for clarity in his soul.

The posthumous meeting between Yago and Wibaa takes place in 2021 among the scents and colors of Puglia, a piece of Italy kissed by the sun.

Two different artistic souls, two ways of understanding art, one more visionary, the other more in search of solutions, which meet on a Common Ground.


Yago will be revealed in the one day exhibition through a multiple work, the triptych called Colors. Layers of matter on the surface and then, by digging, the color: respectively blue, yellow and red, the basic colors that recall the very essence: go in depth until you find yourself and find the Other in the depths of yourself.

In the one day exhibition, Wibaa will present the Kronos Kairos Aion triptych for the first time. It will also be an opportunity to confront his iconic Fire and immerse yourself in a selection of his other works. Under tectonic plates of color and form, spaces of color and light open up. As is customary in his painting technique, these images are painted in various colors, their orientation often reversed and combined with supplementary or repeated color images to create interactions of depth and form.

In addition to the exhibition of the works, it will be possible to listen to live music and interesting readings; Immerse yourself in the Mexican tradition of Dia de los muertos with Caterina, Coco, Mariachi shows, Italian and Mexican food.
An event was structured in such a way as to enjoy art in a different way from a simple exhibition.

Reservation and green pass mandatory!