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abbandon flowers

abbandon flowers

Art Gallery Roma presents the latest original oil painting collection from local Italian artists Katia Kalova, Elena Sagresti and Siria. In one of the most beautiful streets of Rome, Via dei Coronari 7 near Piazza Navona to be precise, don’t miss this contemporary art exhibition of oil paintings till November 20th 2020. Art Gallery Roma is a permanent exhibition of local artist promoting oil painting for sale on location.

The Impressionist style from Katia Kalova Roma scene is contrasted by the newest Pop Art Portrade from young artist Siria.

Originally from Poland, Katia Kalova graduated school at the Fine Art in Moscow, and now lives in Italy. Her oil painting style is free and her strengths include the use of colour and texture in a bright, impressionistic style of modern Italian Art, with a unique ability to combine modern city landscapes and Abstract Impressionistic style.

Claudia Sistina, born in Puglia, took the pseudonym Siria after studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States. In her career, she has developed a stunning technique in palette knifing that includes mixing colour and texture to construct a portrait. She had returned  back to Italy, where she works particularly with faces, offering her services to customize pieces for individual clients. This concept lets her create for different interior designers, and offices. She is now creating a new work place on a project in Dubai. 

While you may know that Elena Sagresti is the founder and artistic director of Art Gallery Roma,  you may not know that artist and designer Elena Sagresti is actually a 360-degree artist.

She started her career as a product developer for silver jewellery at the beginning of the 90s, she continued as bag designer for Guess and accessories for Astucci LTD in NY. She was a comedian by night, she did stand up in English and became a finalist of “Women of Laughter” in NYC in 2012. After graduating with an honours degree at the Hong Kong IAFT (International Academy Film Television) in 2014, she also became a film maker.  Her thesis film “the Ventilator” was selected in 3 festivals in 2015, you can even check out the trailer on YouTube. The style presented for this exhibition is very abstract, an accurate and constant research in both monochromatic and very lively colours, with material effects and texture that range from sand, chalk, lacquer, and gold leaves.