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Atlas Obscura - Morg Armeni Solo Show

A fantastic travel in Morg Armeni's world

Morg Armeni is a young Italian artist unique of her kind. She differs from other hyper-contemporary artists for the dualism of her work and her personality and this makes her fascinating to the public eye. First of all, Morg Armeni is a free soul deeply tied to Nature that surrounds her and from whose energies she draws inspiration to paint and at the same time she is an internationally renowned tattoo artist.


Her paintings are characterized by the opposition between strength and delicacy, calm and violence. The colors are warm, dark and the scenes depicted are chaotic but at the same time very detailed. This wealth of elements and subjects arranged on different levels brings to mind Flemish painters such as Hieronymus Bosch or Bruegel the Elder. This layering reflects an impulsiveness of gesture and thought, a visceral and spontaneous way of painting, a symbolic and personal language, an esoteric world to which the viewer can only access by interpreting the reading keys. Each work tells us about her, about us, about the dark part present in our depths, where our secrets and our most hidden fears reside.


The Woman is at the center of Morg Armeni's pictorial universe. The delicacy of the female figures, of her madonnas inspired by Jean Fouquet is opposed to the depiction of libertine women, proud of their wild state, far from Christian dogmas and who let themselves be carried away by the pleasures of the flesh and proudly exhibit their sensuality. This ambivalence of the subjects recalls the two protagonists of De Sade Juliette and Justine in the novels "Juliette, or the prosperity of vice" and "Justine or the misadventures of virtue", characters at the antipodes, one devout and the other libertine.


In the works of Morg Armeni the Woman is represented in all its aspects. She is the symbol of purity, fertility, She's the meaning of life, which She can decide to protect or take away. She is the representation of courage and resilience. Woman is nature itself, surrounded by the animals that worship her and by the plants that are an integral part of her limbs and organs.


Morg Armeni is a medieval artist catapulted into our modern society. Her paintings tell of ancient tales handed down, which come from distant cultures. Alchemy, magic and esotericism become her personal symbols to represent the various stages of healing possible only through the experience of suffering and the transformation of parts of self. The conditioning of today's society that distances us from real and concrete things such as nature and self-knowledge, finds a sense in the paintings of Morg Armeni who invites the viewer to rethink their way of behaving in the world around them.



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