Evolution and Metamorphosis

Chrysalis: between the evolution of craftsmanship and the metamorphosis of forms

Inaugurating the future collaboration with the architect Anna Caridi, Antonacci Opera
presents to the RAW public an excerpt from the first furniture line, created together with the designer Daniele Chiocchio.
Evolution, understood as the genetic change of a craft, carpentry,
interpreted in a modern key, conscious, authentic even if engineered, is
the imprint that Antonacci Opera wants to give to his lines.
The metamorphosis, the morphological transformation, the inevitable destiny of the caterpillar that becomes a chrysalis to finally fly into a butterfly, is soul and body of the first of these lines, precisely: Chrysalis.
Antonacci Opera, with the participation at Roma Art Week and with the events that will come, intends to invite architects, designers and creatives like Anna Caridi to embrace the potential of an evolved craft and imagine together new and inevitable metamorphosis.

"To tell the story of the change of shapes into new bodies pushes me the inspiration. Or gods, if your are these metamorphoses, inspire my design, so that the song from the origins of the world uninterruptedly unwinds to my days".
(Ovid, The Metamorphoses - Book One)