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Fast Culture - Living distorted times

A journey through interactive installations to reflect on the theme of time.

Fast Culture

Speed and velocity are central elements of our contemporary social life, in the form of a continuous acceleration and attempts to increase the time available to us. A myth has been created around this concept of needing "more" and "more time". There have been cultural and artistic movements throughout history that supported the myth of velocity.

Technological development has led us to live with ever-faster rhythms, which change both or psyche and body. At the same time, today we ask ourselves if this continuous acceleration is not exceeding our limits of tolerability, both for humans and for our planet.

The exhibition Fast Culture - Living distorted times offers a reflection on this theme. It wants to raise awareness on how we use our time, to make visitors understand how important it is to slow down. Through installations designed by the TWM Factory team, we will try to dilute time instead of shortening it, inviting visitors to become more conscious of the present, the space around us, and moving slow.