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Gioc onda- Anatomy of the universe

Video and sound installation with sound sculpture by Francesco Pelisari

Bright waves of water in motion, are video-projected in the room where the tub is located, creating a short visual circuit due to the contrast between the almost still water of the water table and what appears as a reflex of moving water.

It generates a surreal vision analogous to a shadow that does not follow the body that produces it. In this visual dissonance you hear a sound of running water, wind and voices produced by the video. The hall is preceded by a passage environment on which is placed a photo of waves of water and light, WAVES. Water waves, luminous and acoustic enter a wave game: the anatomy of the Universe.


Photo print on aluminum cm. 100x70 representing a sequence of light waves. The title is the allusion to Leonardo's work, while the concept of the project refers to scientific content. Reality is imagined decodable symbolically in waves and luminous frequencies, the anatomy of the Universe. 

Light and subject matter, history and scientific research meet in the Great Master's Museum of Machines.


At the conclusion of Rome Art Week 2020 - The Week of Contemporary Art (RAW) the video will be donated to the Museum.

Note: Installation should be shrouded in a penumbra to allow the lights to be projected.


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