Alessandra Mercurio (SASHA)'s Open Studio

Cromotherapy: Exhibit Yourself

Cromotherapy: Exhibit Yourself

MirrorPaintings: have a look to yourself deeply and keep in touch with your emotions. This exhibition sees you as the protagonist of the art, because the painting becomes a mirror that reflects you and your emotion... Not just an exhibition, but an inner path... FREE ENTRY

Group 1 (blue mirror and the complementary one):

Inner image vs external image.

INNER IMAGE. Our essence is what only we can see by looking inside carefully, as in front of a mirror (blue mirror with black frame)

EXTERNAL IMAGE. The mirror of the outer world is a false mirror, as the true image is given only to ourselves when we mirror and look inward (false mirror / opaque with white frame).

Despite this, the external image is always and inevitably complementary to the internal one.    


Group 2 (triptych of mirrors - green, yellow-violet, orange):


Looking deeply at yourself you get in touch with your emotions ... and then the green helps us to relax and find our serenity and stability by removing stress; yellow / purple leads us with confidence and optimism into spirituality by contacting our ultimate essence; orange energizes us before returning to routine.    


Group 3 (double mirror):

The other and me.

The dualism we have is the dualism that separates / unites us to the other... a lover, family member, friend or foe.


PLEASE, make sure to keep your headphone and your smartphone with you!