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Gallery Collection

Exibit with art-works by many artists collected in the years by the Gallery.

Tano Festa -

In exibit art-works by: Tano Festa, Achir, Germano Paolini, Sandro Trotti, Sigfrido Oliva, Minya Mikic, Carmelo Consoli, Cinzia Fiaschi, Somaye Mirkamali, Moreno Maggi, Alexander Jakhnagiev, Ennio Calabria, Marilena La Mantia, Fausta D?Ubaldo, Massimo Antonio Saitta, Lino Tardia, Enzo Tardia, Valeria Cademartori, Renata Boero, Angelo Colagrossi, Carmelo Fodaro, Ugo Cossu, Otello Scatolini, Carla Mura, Luigi Cacciarini.