Carlo D’Orta and Luca Giannini

The Miraggi exhibition combines the photographs and installations of Carlo D'Orta and the paintings and sculptures of Luca Giannini in a dialogue between different languages, but united by a strong conceptual connection and common roots in the visions of informal abstractionism and the visual dynamisms of ' 900. Carlo D’Orta offers works from his "Vibrations" series, dedicated to the search for abstraction and movement in the reflections produced by the windows of contemporary skyscrapers. These stained glass windows reflect the surrounding landscape, but deform it in a way that sometimes comes to pure abstraction. These are absolutely real images, but they disappear if you just take a step. Mirages therefore, urban mirages that tell cities as true as they are ephemeral and fleeting, real cities that turn into a visual dream that bewitches our perceptions and our choices. Luca Giannini works with matter and with the sign reflecting on the theme of migrations that have always characterized history of the world and in particular of the Mediterranean. Paintings and sculptures from the research "Project for an Ark" and "Mythographies" narrate in abstract and symbolic forms the ancient and modern odyssey of a wandering humanity bewitched by a dream, striving towards a limit or fleeing from a personal and collective flood. They are brave, desperate Argonauts who cross deserts and seas following maps and imprecise routes towards mythical or mythicized places, each of them animated by its own mirage and ready to challenge the shipwreck. 


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