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Personal exhibition of Valerio Giacone


Valerio Giacone - UNO
Inauguration Saturday 19 September 11.00-22.00
On Saturday 19th September, the FABER art gallery will host the UNO exhibition by Valerio Giacone.
Giacone investigates the value and sacredness of man, making him an icon of himself as much
bearer of the divine.
The artist's newfound pictorial approach and his propensity for investigation
the interior is the essence of this profound and multifaceted poetic impulse.
The exhibition is conceived as a visionary journey into the self; the alternation of techniques and
different languages ​​punctuate the set-up rhythm of an exhibition itinerary conceived as a
a single body, in which, however, the individual moments are distinct.
In this emotional tale of memories of life, the various ones are collected and exploded
experimental phases crossed by the artist during the last years of research:
from the love for the sign to the studies on chromatism, from the taste for the transformation of
matter up to the current inclination towards installation.
The opening words of the exhibition can be found in the vast collection of works published in the book Non ho
never stopped dreaming of the sea, published by Andante; images and thoughts developed by Valerio
during the recent period of global confinement.
The UNO exhibition is the final phase of a very complex project by Valerio
Giacone, which developed during the residential experiences lived at the hermitage of
Santa Maria delle Grazie, on Mount Soratte, as part of the Tracce review and at
the Mole Vanvitelliana Museum in Ancona.
edited by Cristian Porretta
from 19 September to 15 November 2020
Tuesday-Saturday 11: 00-19: 00 Sunday by appointment