Still a Real World

Photography, installations, painting talk on the relationship with nature

we Still Want a REAL WORLD!

            we still want a REAL WORLD!

                       we still want a REAL WORLD!

   This is the cry that rises loudly in the silence of the art gallery, audible only by those who are here and observe the works.

  The artists who have contributed with their works to this collective entitled: STILL A REAL WORLD, each following their own stylistic code that has characterized them for years in the Italian art scene, invite us to return to live a real world, to go out from the limbo of the virtual universe in which we have lived in recent months, forced against our will!

   The real world of nature works and produces forms that are perfect in their aesthetics and in their life function.

   The anthropocentric concept that governs the life of us humans has led us to no longer perceive the aesthetic sense inherent in nature, an aesthetic sense of which we must re-appropriate starting from the natural forms that are close to us, very close to us.


Let's go back to looking at each other and not just seeing each other!

   Our face reflected in a mirror, or confused between flower petals, our profile, our body and the shapes it draws!

   Let's go back to looking and not just seeing the shapes that nature shapes, even just by making a trickle of water flow on a stone !!! Or reminding us that the world is not only made up of "human bipeds", but is populated by many other creatures.

   Let us let ourselves go to a natural dance, touching the branches of a hypothetical urban tree that rise from our floor

   The artists Teresa Bianchi, Maristella Campolunghi, Massimo Napoli, Franco Nuti and Patrizia Pieri, listed in this sequence only out of respect for an alphabetical order, worked on the feeling of alliance with nature and with themselves.

   They give us their visions from which to start again, to analyze and also yes, why not, perhaps to criticize. And so someone is welcome to move the anthropocentric needle from us towards the real world of nature and its perfections, from us towards others.

Grazia Menna