Sensum - III edition 2020

Collective art exhibition

Locandina SENSUM III edizione 2020

Locandina SENSUM III edizione 2020

On the occasion of the fifth edition of RAW - Rome Art Week 2020, Fabio Matthew Lanna, creator of The Artist Room, a curatorial project and an on-line art gallery; founder of Urban Mirrors, web magazine, together with Alessia Ferraro director of the IkiGai Art Gallery, are pleased to present the third edition of the collective exhibition: "SENSUM", from the 27th October till the 4th November 2020, at the IkiGai Art Gallery, via Sirte 39 .

In the words of Fabio Matthew Lanna: "An exhibition involving emerging and etablished contemporary artists, who with the support of Urban Mirrors trought the years and The Artist Room (formerly Spazio Faro art gallery) have distinguished themselves for the passion and quality of their art works".

Passion is precisely the fil-rouge in which this collective tightens and each of the participant artist work tells us about the emotion that prompted the author to create it. SENSUM is an accusative declination of the Latin word sentimental, in which it increases the moral value of the sentiment and the meaning of the word expressed, focusing its research on the emotional object represented in the artistic work.

A collective of artists who enthusiastically exhibit their contemporary human sentiment, a chorus of voices that communicate through universal languages capable of capturing, recording and translating the most intimate sensations of humanity to make them visible for everyone. SENSUM group exhibition is a collective showcasing 41 local, national and international artists.

The exhibition itinerary is designed to make the works communicate with each other and make the visitor appreciate the heterogeneity of the artists works.

In compliance with the covid-19 national rules for physical distancing, the Vernissage will be divided into three days: 27, 28, 29 November 2020. Reservations are required at: +39 3807772882 Alessia

The protagonists artists of the third edition of Sensum are: Agatina Milazzo, Aldo Vitturini, Alessandra Chiesa, Alessia Roselli, Anastasija Petrova, Angela Donatelli, Antonello Spadafora, Antonio Agresti, Barbara Maresti, Carlo Chiatti Danda Nadia, Daniela Carletti, Diego Santini, Emanuele Marchetti, Emiliano Alfonsi Francesco Pietrella, Giampiero Abate, Gianmarco Fella, Giovanni Mazzi, Giovanni Bonfiglio, Giulio Forte, Guglielmo Mattei, Jason Mccullough, Linsen Settembrini Marco Billeri, Marco Tanfi, Marialuisa Sabato, Massimiliano Ferragina, Mauro Carrazza Monica Argentino, Pawel Pacholec, Paola Bernardi, Raffaele Ripoli, Riccardo Fabiani, Rosa Lucia Motta, Santo Caglioti Saverio Galano, Serena Tamburro, Sonia Vinaccia, Stefania Cecchetti, Stefania di Filippo, Steven Jensen, Valentina lo Faro.