Insieme in un segno

Iconographic reinterpretation of the theme of the cross

B. Cecobelli

B. Cecobelli

Sala 1 in collaboration with the Tito Amodei Fondation presents a selection of works inspired by the symbol of the “Cross”.

Invited artists are Enrico Bentivoglio, Bruno Ceccobelli, Francesco China, Ottaviano D’Egidio, Stefano Fontebasso De Martino, Cosetta Mastragostino, Salvatore Meo, Sandro Sanna as well as Tito Amodei, Passionist father and founder of Sala 1, who, since the 1960’s, has dedicated essays and publications on this theme

All the artists involved have a special relationship of esteem and trust with Tito and have approached the subject from different points of view, each showing a transversal personal interest on the theme.

The sign of the “Cross”, in its tradition and iconographic evolution, is interpreted by Enrico Bentivoglio as a mysterious image that emerges from the chromatic combination of the painting;  Bruno Ceccobelli uses the Greek Cross, made precious by the collage of found materials;  Francesco China uses the medium of painting to abstract the symbol itself; Ottaviano D’Egidio philosophically reinterprets its value in poetry. Stefano Fontebasso De Martino presents an inkjet photo in which a zoom on the old nails leads to the Cross by association; Cosetta Mastragostino sees the Cross in a wooden relic of an ancient door, meanwhile Salvatore Meo indirectly refers to the Cross, with a crown of thorns made of found barbed wire and again the Cross is echoed in Sandro Sanna's canvas, in which spirituality emerges in the balance of flashes and shadows. Tito, permanently present in Sala 1 with a selection of sculptures from the mid’1980’s, here presents a work on paper from 1963 representing Christ lying on the ground; the silhouette of the artist is in the background. 

A digital color catalogue of the exhibition (“Sala 1 edizioni”) is available upon request, with texts by Mary Angela Schroth and Eloisa Saldari




Structures not present in this edition