Group show

Each artist will exhibit a work in a dedicated beach cabin at Sporting Beach. Each art piece is simultaneously independent from the others and connected to them, forming together a rich community of previously created either works or site-specific productions. This temporary yet solid community is grounded in the idea that the creative process – especially in this era of instability – must be participatory and responsible. Taken as a whole the exhibition is a kind of invocation of solidarity and sustainability, a gesture of care and reciprocity, and the works themselves are symbols of cooperation and the sharing of a common life.
The event will take place in an area of the beach shaped like a piazza, specifically conceived of as a unifying space that the artists’ diverse forms of expression look onto – a shared space for artistic action and thought. The exhibition’s spatial configuration evolved from the layout and overall appearance of Sporting Beach, which was built at the end of the ’50s based on a design by the firm of Pier Luigi Nervi (1891 - 1979), an eminent name of international architecture
For these and other reasons, the organizers intend that the exhibition become a recurring event every two years.
The curator Paola Pallotta says about the exhibition’s title: “Abbi cura translates as ‘take care’. At its root to curate also means to take care. Taking care of art and artists is what guides our every single curatorial choice. Likewise, it is through art that we can genuinely reflect on the sustainability of our actions and their consequences on the place we live in as we experience our only chance to take care of our material heritage and bequeath it to the future.
“With the group exhibition Cabine d’artista – Abbi cura, we offer each artist a home, even if in the small size of a beach cabin. A place of shelter and protection with a welcoming feeling, where the value of such a peculiar profession – that has no immediate use but is necessary for a territory, its community and its history – is recognized.”


Artists not present in this edition