The imperceptible painting ..... of visible and invisible things

personal exhibition of Veronica Piraccini curator Patrizio Baracaia

The imperceptible painting has the special property of appearing and disappearing and its invisibility makes it unique. It restores to us the astonishment of painting with its sudden revelation from the condition of invisibility, and transforms the place and our mind. From the invisible it is visible so that from white it turns into its splendid colors like lightning when touched by black light. Painting, being a substance transformed into substance, that is, being a fine and sensitive substance created through the transformation of raw or elementary material through the artist, it becomes an extraordinary, precise and unmistakable dimension in its innovative fixity, it is Thought, Color, Space, in the stable dimensions of reference always infinitely perfect with other painting: profound intimacy and uniqueness of the invented and chosen dimension. The work is born in a specific place and coming out of time comes into contact dialoguing with people and works, both current or contemporary, that come before and beyond.