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As Urban Flowers

Collective exhibition

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Monte Mario is a neighborhood  in the northern suburbs of Rome. Built around the asylum now closed, the nightborhood today is an hybrid zone that collects differences and complementarity. Multiethnic and deeply Roman at the same time, somehow town where you can recognize and greet each other on the street; somehow intricate maze for those coming from outside.

In this area there's a growing group of artists active since two years. They have recently give birth to the Artists Night and for the RAW they are going to exhibit togheter in a building of the former asylum.

Theme of the exhibition is their sight on the nighborhood and on the city of Rome in general, according their inner view and their group history to the atmpsphere of the former asylum and of the nighborhood in general.

Exhibiting Artists

Alessandra Natili
Alessia Pagnotti
Angela Scaramuzzi
Antonella Fiorillo
Domenico Portale
Francesca Coccurello
Gianluca Emanuele Varano
Ilaria Sartini
Lola Poleggi
Maurizio Bentivoglio
Mirella Rossomando
Nina Razzaboni
Triana Ariè