#OPENING! The Room Exhibition


Bauhaus Home Gallery returns to the fourth edition of Rome Art Week accredited as a multipurpose exhibition space with the collective exhibition entitled #OPENING. The Room Exhibition, which will take place from 21 to 31 October2019.

The artistic project curated by Ilaria Giacobbi, deliberately based on ambiguity, places the works of art of contemporary artists within the domestic walls, enhancing the dialectical relationship with the viewer / user who now sees the work of art cleared by the Spaces Institutional to be lived in everyday life.

The collective, structured as an "exhibition in the exhibition", in the title The Room Exhibition reveals its content: the artistic creations are placed in each room, divided by style, current or theme with an installation that does not alter the domestic space but with the work of ART he dialogues: an exhibition in a house / atelier where the furnishing and design compliments can be deduced from the works themselves; but also an artistic sensory experience that is revealed through the VIDEO ART: with the use of monitors, looped videos of the works, images blocked and impressed by the artists on the canvas, they place themselves mirrored to the opposite now in movement.

The works, chosen on a free theme (in order to investigate the freedom of expression of the artists), are placed in the total exhibition in a dialectical relationship thanks to the preparation that enhances its content value.

The exhibition space, which in the name pays tribute to the famous German school and movement from which it draws inspiration (in the term Bauhaus the concept of building and that of the house are combined as a metaphor of constructive activity), is a "house" that welcomes the arts in synergy; a place of election where you go to recreate a Factory, a veritable gym of creativity, animated by Artists and art experts, a workshop where everyone is moved by a common intent, the Art in the making, reflection / manifesto of every age.

VERNISSAGE: 26.10.2019 start to 7.0pm

Dr. Jasmine Di Benedetto (historian, ethno-anthropologist and Mindfulness meditation instructor) presentation of the project "The Art in Meditation"
Prof. Mahmoud El Kouriny (Professor of Iterior and Design of the Faculty of Applied Arts - El Cairo University)
Artists: Alessandra Mercurio, Chantal Criniti, Cristina Smeraldi, Daniele Ruffini, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Emiliano Martucci, Fabiola Medici, Giulia Negrini, Luca Idili, Mahmoud El Kouriny, Maria Carmela Romano, Maria Giovanna Bonifazzi, Tiziana Rinaldi Giacometti, Veronica Coltellacci, Jasmine Di Benedetto, Mandisa Baptiste

In collaboration with Arte24 broadcast on Rete Oro


Artists not present in this edition