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Street Art - No Borders

Street Art exhibition

Street Art Exhibition - No Borders <i class='fa fa-question-circle' aria-hidden='true' data-toggle='tooltip' title='Translation is missing. We show the original text in Italian'></i>

“No Borders” is a project that brings together three street artists, each with their own distinct style, into a dialogue centered around the universal concept of travel. In this context, travel is examined in terms of discovery, the exploration of unknown realities, a spiritual journey towards a higher knowledge, and as a journey inwards- an intimate investigation in search of oneself. The three leading artists, Beetroot,Giusy Guerriero, and Maupal, will exhibit works that are mostly unpublished- save for two works by Maupaul, dedicated to Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which have already appeared in the city, earning notarity in the Roman news. These pieces have been designed to blend harmoniously with the space destined to welcome them, while maintaining the unique “street art” qualities that characterize their artistic production and intention, both in terms of their subject matter as well as their featured materials (wood, copper, marble, canvas).


Curator: Raffaella Salato


Structures not present in this edition