22 - A spiritual and evolutionary journey among the Tarot

Solo exhibition by Kaey

As part of "carta canta", a project conceived by Paola Valori for Micro Arti Visive, the solo exhibition "22" by the artist Kaey (Marco Galletti) curated by Marcella Magaletti opens on the 22nd October 2019 at 6 pm.

Kaey's illustrations invite us to retrace the enigmatic path of the Tarot as an evolutionary journey of personal, mental and spiritual growth. Each Tarot represents a phase of the itinerary, an entity with a precise personality.

On the basis of the classic iconography of the original deck, Kaey dramatizes each Tarot and drives us into a universe of humanoids, machines and colors in which each figure relates to a specific stage of individual growth.

Even though some elements certainly recall Ralph Steadman’s New Age American school and Dave McKean’s experiments, Keay's vision gives the Tarot an extremely human interpretation. In the series we find, indeed, a fetus that becomes an infant, then faces paternal and maternal figures, in order to meet the society outside the family unit, acquiring a growing awareness of himself, as he makes his way through the journey.

Kaey’s research is modern. At the same time, the choice of the Tarot settles his work in a timeless era, in which elements from the past blend with futuristic suggestions and constructions, creating an eternal language, whose culmination is the choice of a universal theme.


VernissageOctober, 22 / 6 pm.

Opening hoursOctober, 23-27 open daily 11-19 (closed on Sunday) 



Structures not present in this edition