The First Art Project

Un percorso espositivo con le opere di Brigita Humer e Angelica Romeo

The First Art Project

Brigita Huemer | Angelica Romeo

event curated by Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery


On the occasion of the fourth edition of Rome Art week, the Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery is pleased to present to the public, an exhibition staged with the works of Brigita Huemer and Angelica Romeo at The First Roma Arte. The luxury hotel, located in the heart of the historic center of Rome, again welcomes into its magnificent spaces, a selection of works by artists Brigita Huemer (Linz, 1972) and Angelica Romeo (Rome, 1970).

The event will be held on Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th of October from 4.00pm to 8.00pm, on this occasion the two artists, who have long been ensuing an articulated search of a dialogue between shapes, colors, materials and transparency, will have the pleasure to accompany the public on a path to the origin of their aesthetic research.

The exhibition itinerary is a journey through color, from black and white but then also to brighter tones. Despite the formal differences in the techniques used by the two artists, the works coexist along the journey in a dialogue carried out in perfect tune, according to a formal harmony that is completed at the end of an inner story.

The First Rome Art Hotel, whose art preparation is curated by the Mucciaccia Gallery, welcomes travelers from all over the world, giving a sensory experience in the world of art, in a unique location for its beauty and originality. It appears as a sort of treasure chest of international art, located in the heart of central Rome.

Brigita Huemer was born in Austria in 1972 and currently lives and works in Rome. As a child she developed a special interest in art and photography. In 1999 she worked as an assistant for Walter Schupfer's photography agency and later became studio manager for photographer Todd Eberle. Her training started at The Art Students League in New York and continued with a diploma from the Department of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts.

Initially she was drawn to a naturalistic photographic technique, and then she continued with artistic experimentation, first on the human figure with cutout portraits and then on the abstraction of forms.

She participated in various collective exhibitions including Das Ei, a project organized in 2013 for the Flashback fair in Turin. In 2017 she exhibited at the Ricordi Futuri 2.0 exhibition at Polo del '900 in Turin and Il Segno della Memoria at the European Parliament in Brussels. In the same year she held two solo exhibitions, one at El Magazen dell’Arte in Venice and the other at the Galleria Ferrero Arte Contemporanea in Ivrea.

The works of Brigita Huemer have their signature style in the repetition of modular geometrical shapes, programmatically established by the rhythmic passage from monochrome. They are never a monotonous and mechanical repetition of themselves because each of these variations, in a cause and effect relationship, generates a total shift of all the internal equilibriums of the pictorial composition.

In 2018 she participated in the exhibitions: Ricordi futuri 4.0 - Cosa c'è in fondo al binario at the Milan Holocaust Memorial and Unforgettable Childhood, both curated by Ermanno Tedeschi. In May 2018 the duo exhibition Emotiva, Brigita Huemer e Angelica Romeo curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi was held at the Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery in Rome.


Angelica Romeo was born in 1970 in Rome, where she also lives and works. In 1991 she graduated from the Colalucci restoration school and began her artistic career. Prone to an impetuous dynamism that makes material and color the functional elements for an unconditional surrender of personal expressiveness, her works appear strongly gestural.

She made her debut in 2009 at the Romberg gallery with the exhibition Azioni, Contrazioni, Rivelazioni, curated by Gianluca Marziani. She participated in several group exhibitions including: Smart Made in Italy sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in the Principality of Monaco and Arte senza frontiere at Palazzo Colonna in Rome.

Her stylistic signature is the formal outcome of a multi-material rhabdomantic abstract-brand, with the echo of a naturalistic inspiration. Her intent is to achieve a formal result with the sign, whose style presents an apparent casualness of the gesture and its physical presence acts over time on the canvas in order to have a creative and characterizing function.

In 2011 she held her second personal exhibition entitled De Aqua, and in 2014 she presented the project Vinyle. In 2015 she participated at the exhibition Arte in circolo, curated by Gianluca Marziani and Giulia Abate and in 2017 she took part in the Presenze, Assenze exhibition at the Galleria d’arte Eitch Borromini in Rome. In May 2018, Angelica Romeo participated together with Brigita Huemer in the duo exhibition EMOTIVA, at Mucciaccia Contemporary in Rome with the curatorship of Cesare Biasini Selvaggi.


The First art Project

Brigita Huemer | Angelica Romeo

event curated by Mucciaccia Contemporary


EVENT TAKES PLACE FROM: Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th of October from 4.00pm to 8.00pm,

WHERE:  The First Art Hotel, Via del Vantaggio 14, 00186 Rome



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