I hate immovable types. Open Studio.

Open Studio - Printing demonstration - Typographic Tour

poster hand-printed with woodtypes (50x70)

poster hand-printed with woodtypes (50x70)

Francesca Colonia and Giulia Nicolai will guide you during an Open studio day, introducing Betterpress lab, a traditional and vintage letterpress studio that promotes the reinterpretation of the traditional techniques of typography, in an environment that shares knowledge and expertise.

Betterpress was an old butcher shop, placed between the neighborhood of Trastevere and Ostiense - an area formerly industrial that is slowly seeing the conversion and redevelopment of its unused spaces. Since 2014, after rescuing and housing vintage print presses, wood, and metal type, Betterpress Lab revived the traditional technique of handsetting and composing letterforms to create limited Fine art editions. We’ll start the tour at 16.00 showing the old printing pressess and their history. During the open studio there will be printing demonstrations and an exhibition of artworks. 


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