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Solo exhibition by rajmohan

rajmohan - Camera 79 Art Gallery - RAW - CURVILINEAR

Camera 79 Art Gallery

is proud to present:


Curvilinear - a photographic project by rajmohan

“Architecture aims at Eternity.” - Christopher Wren

The course of history has seen the emergence, subsequent pre-eminence and eventual
disappearance of things ranging in scale from stars to animal species to microscopic organisms.
In this cosmic timeline, the achievements of human beings are no more than minute blips. Even great accomplishments in human history which were considered during their time to be eternal, such as the Roman Empire or the Ancient Wonders of the World, came to an end.
I am struck by the magnificence of modern architecture, much as I imagine our ancestors might have marveled at their contemporary wonders like the Lighthouse at Alexandria or the Colossus of Rhodes.
This exhibition is a hymn to the anatomy and aesthetics of some of these buildings and the beautiful symphony of line and form they embody, both alone and in relationship to their neighbours. However like all things, these structures, despite the feats of design and engineering and their promise of longevity, will cease to exist at some point in the future. These images represent a record of their existence and their beauty, and an acknowledgement of the finite nature of their being.

Curated by Anya Cacciapuoti & Alessandro Cartosio

The exhibition will be open to the public during Rome Art Week (RAW)

from 21 to 26 October, between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

A reception will be held on 26 October at 7 p.m.;

the artist, rajmohan, will be present.

Facebook event:


rajmohan - Bio

rajmohan is an Australian photographer based in New York.

His work has been shown in exhibitions internationally, including: Photo Patagonia 4th International Festival of Analog Photography and Alternative Processes (Rio Gallegos, Argentina); revela’t Analog Photography Festival (Barcelona, Spain); Lillian E. Kraemer Gallery (New York, USA); Salmagundi Club (New York, USA); Blue Moon Camera and Machine (Portland, USA); Fazenda Gallery (London, UK); The Willow Tree (Johnson City, USA); and Soho Photo Gallery (New York, USA).

rajmohan currently serves as curator for the Lillian E. Kraemer Gallery in New York. His photographs are held in several private and corporate collections in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA. He was the recipient of a SCNY Award for Photography in 2018.


Structures not present in this edition