Valentina Sisto's Open Studio


The open studio of the artist Valentina Sisto is placed at Nuova Villa Claudia Clinic (Floor 0 reception area, radiology and conference room).

The project is called OncoArte: when Art & Medicine support women dealing with breast cancer. Valentina realizes her works thanks to the individual meeting with the patients, accompanying them in their path and translating their emotions into expressive forms, to encourage them and leave an evocative testimony of this experience.

Shapes, lights, colours capture the strength and courage of women, hardly fighting with the impetus of victory over illness, claiming a new identity and choosing not to give up to their femininity.

Recurrent element in the works is precisely the reproduction, through a cast of the patient's breast, sometimes before, sometimes after the surgery, to reaffirm the determination to remain a symbol of a never lost femininity.


Organized by
Valentina Sisto